Laminate Flooring @ Grant's Tile & Flooring

Torly's Quickstep Torly's Laminate Laminate Flooring has become a very popular floor covering choice in the past two decades. While Grant's Tile & Flooring does install laminate, it is often the choice of Do-It-Yourself customers.

Suitable for a variety of substrates including both wood and concrete, laminate is an easily installed product that is also incredibly durable. One of the most common questions we're asked is "Will it stand up to my dog running around on it?" The answer is a confident YES! - even if you have a St. Bernard!

Grant's Tile & Flooring proudly supplies quality laminates including Torly's Laminate Flooring and Quickstep® Laminate Flooring. Both products are exceptionally high quality and come in a huge variety of colors, widths and finishes. Laminate Showroom

Drop by our showroom and take a look at the many choices and variety of laminates. Our knowledgable staff can answer any questions you might have about durability, ease of installation, or suitablity for your specific project. As always, estimates are free!